Systyr ‘Skin-‘nerd


Like a phoenix rising, Systyr ‘Skin-‘nerd emerges ready to fly. After years of ‘playing’ their dues, these Southern Rock Systyrs have come together to deliver the ultimate tribute to Lynyrd Skynyrd. These seven ladyz of Systyr ‘Skin-‘nerd have the moxie, the professionalism, the swagger and musical talent. . . much the same as the original ‘magnificent seven’ had in their heyday.

Sysytr ‘Skin-‘nerd isn’t about copying every note just to mimic their Hall of Fame counterparts, no, no, no – these ladyz are dedicated to honoring and preserving the perennial brilliance of the music of Lynyrd Skynyrd. These Systyrs have set out to stimulate your every sense, take you back in time and put you right into the thick of it, just like it was in the ’70s. From the first thunderous guitar chord of the opener, through every timeless classic, right up to the climatic anthem ending of ‘Freebird’ you are there! Every sweet saturated guitar riff; every honky tonk & graceful piano melody; every powerful and commanding lead vocal with backing vocals so moving, they’ll make you cry, it’s here – all driven with the precision of a bassist and drummer who can keep a freight train on time. Systyr ‘Skin-‘nerd combines the history, the sound and most importantly, the passion of the music created from the classic era of Lynyrd Skynyrd, wraps it up in a one of kind smokin’ female Southern Rock package, and brings it to their audience – that’s the “All Female Lynyrd Skynyrd Experience”.

After performing for Ronnie Van Zant’s best friend, author and crash survivor, Gene Odom, these gals made such an impression on him that he returned home inspired to honor his former colleagues, by organizing the first annual ‘Freebird Festival’. Gene commissioned the band to headline the Festival’ in Jacksonville, FL, to commemorate the 40th anniversary of the fateful 1977 plane crash, that took the life of his lifelong friend. In attendance that evening was another Lynyrd Skynyrd band member and crash survivor, legendary ‘Honkette’, Leslie Hawkins. Leslie was so inspired by the energy, passion and authenticity from the band, that she jumped up onstage and and sang with them on ‘That Smell’ and ‘Sweet Home Alabama’. Systyr ‘Skin-‘nerd doesn’t just perform and say goodnight, She sends you home with memories. . .

Talent, passion & performance – Systyr ‘Skin-‘nerd guarantees all three!


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