CJ Garton


Raised on a small ranch in Bristow, OK, CJ was born into a truly musical family. Later in life he traveled the country touring with his Father, also a musician and quite possibly the most impactful, musical influence on C.J.’s styling. Music is C.J.’s defining characteristic, but he also manages to maintain his “Jack of all Trades” nature. He is an avid hunter, and has done so in the most exotic of places (let him tell you a story or two and you’ll see what I mean!). There’s nothing C.J. does that’s half-hearted. Thanks to his adventurous nature, he has written theme songs for the Hunting Trophy Whitetail Facebook Page and the “Forever Wild Outdoors Adrenaline Adventures” show on the Sportsman Channel. CJ’s debut single, “Away I Go” is a hit with the country community and he’s not done there.